Time Waster of the Day: Organ Trail

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Nostalgic for your computer gaming youth were you spent all day glued to the yellow and black screen of Oregon Trail? Your oxen might have been moving at a strenuous pace, and you and your wagon were eating a meager amount of food each day, but you never seemed to get to ford that river before Mary died of dysentery.

Make some time to check out Organ Trail, programmed in that 8-bit graphics that we all miss. Instead of fleeing from Independence, Missouri to go to the wild frontier of Oregon, you’re hauling butt from Washington D.C. to escape the zombie outbreak because there’s going to be a nuclear strike. (See, already 10 times better.) So hurry up and scavenge for supplies, pack up your station wagon and don’t forget to get some ammunition so you can kill those zombies along the way and loot them for goods. See you on the other side!

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