ViewSonic: ViewPad 7 Android Tablet, ViewPad 10 Hybrid Tablet

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ViewSonic will be bringing its 7- and 10-inch tablets to the U.S. in the coming months.

The 7-inch ViewPad 7 features "3.5G capable data technology," which seems like a tip-off that it’ll work with T-Mobile’s HSPA+ (faster-than-3G-but- we-can’t-officially-call-it-4G) network. It’ll have Android Market access, too.

The tablet sports both front and rear facing cameras, Android 2.2, 10-hour battery life, and an aggressive $479 price tag. If there’s a chink in the armor, it’s that the 7-inch screen only has a resolution of 800×480. The 7-inch screen on the Samsung Galaxy Tab, for comparison, is 1024×600.

The ViewPad 10 is an interesting tablet, as well. It’s Wi-Fi only, but dual boots into either Windows 7 Home Premium or Android 1.6, atop a 1.66GHz Intel Atom processor. The 10-inch screen has a 1024×600 resolution, and there’s a single 1.3-megapixel webcam.

This one will basically be a Windows tablet with the added bonus of a little bit of Android. Android version 1.6 is the latest to be compatible with Intel Atom processors, and there’s no mention of Android Market access. Tablets need to meet certain hardware requirements to get access to Google-specific apps like Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube, and the Android Market. Without getting into the technical details (which can be found in this PDF from Google), this tablet is lacking a few of the key components needed to comply.

The ViewPad 7 will be available for $479 "in late Q4 2010," and the ViewPad 10 will be available in the first quarter of next year for around $629.

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