Scarlet Johannson Is Our Latest Sexy Killer Alien

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Apparently, there’s just something that filmmakers can’t resist about the idea of a beautiful woman actually being a deadly alien using sexuality as a weapon to kill men. While we all ponder what that means about gender issues in Hollywood today, let’s distract ourselves with the news that Scarlet Johannson has signed on to star in the latest of these movies, Under The Skin, where she’ll play a deadly alien who only pretends to be a sexy woman in order to lure prey to a grisly end. In what’s either boldness or ignorance, Glen Basner, the CEO of Filmnation, the company handling international sales for the Jonathan Glazer-directed project, said in a statement, “We’re so excited to be working on this arrestingly original movie.”


Wait, maybe the twist in this one will be that Johannson’s character will wear clothes.

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