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Thursday, November 4, 2010 –

Quote To Live By:

“I am here by royal invitation. That awards me the rank of emissary and all the privileges of that title. If a member of my family is slighted in a public forum, I am within my rights to enact “Admonition by Combat”. In English, I believe it means I can kick the living Hell out of anyone who talks smack about my people. Right?” – Black Canary from Green Arrow and Black Canary

Up Front:

Inspectors Haven’t Seen Enough Flying for Spider-Man Safety to Pass Muster [NY Times]


Swedish Hotel Replaces Room Keys with Mobile Phones [News Factor]
Invisibility Cloak Closer with Flexible ‘Metamaterial’ [BBC]
First Look: Facebook Single Sign-on [PC World]


Kinect Has Problems Following Dark Skinned Users [Neowin]
‘Capcom Arcade’ Review – Play Classic Arcade Games With a Fist-Full of Virtual Tokens [Touch Arcade]
EA and Paramount Digital Entertainment team up for ‘Rango’ The Video Game [Go Nintendo]
Call of Duty Getting ‘Largest Digital Offering of Content in 2011’ [Computer and Video Games]


Marvel Clarifies Pricing Changes, Lowers Price on Hulk [The Beat]
Message For Niki (Cue Awws) [Leigh Gallagher] |
Johnny Depp to Star in Dark Shadows for Tim Burton; Filming Set to Start in April [Collider]


Broadcasters ‘Misunderstand’ Google TV, Exec Says [News Factor]
Google CEO: China’s Internet Censorship Will Fail In Time [Macworld]


Tweet, Tweet:

Nerdy Want:

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