Dish Thinks Streaming TV Sites Should Delay Shows 30 Days

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So in summation, here’s what’s happening.

– Dish is mad at streaming TV sites but not at antennas.

– FOX broadcasts free, ad-supported content over the air, but wants $150 million from Cablevision to run the same ad-supported content through underground cables.

– You can watch ad-supported streaming TV in a web browser if you view it through a computer monitor. You may not watch it in a web browser when viewed on a TV set. Replacing your TV set with a big computer monitor will cause the universe to collapse in upon itself.

– Money is made in the following ways:

– Content creators sell national ad spots.

– Content creators charge TV service providers to rebroadcast programming.

– TV service providers sell local ad spots.

– TV service providers charge monthly access fees to subscribers.

– Content creators sell different ads inside their online streaming content.

– Hulu (owned by content creators) charges $10 per month for access to a back-catalog of streaming content with ads in it.

– Content creators charge Google for making a computer that connects to a TV.

Clearly, we consumers are the winners in all this.

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