Scott Pilgrim Signed DVD/Skateboard Giveaway: Only Five Evil Exes Can Win!

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Okay people, listen up. My prediction is that, by year’s end, there will be four movies that never receive the props they deserve.

One goes by the name Unstoppable, and it opens next weekend. Best runaway train thriller in years. Retro giggles, the whole way through.

Movie number two: Let Me In. You can check out my lengthy review here, but seriously, what the hell: This movie is great. America is going to rush out to see the fawning and fumbling of Twilight but they have no interest in a moodier, more mature take on the vampires? What the hell!

It’s the next two that really get my blood boiling: Kick-Ass is exciting, emotional, even a tad bit subversive. It’s the superhero spoof that manages to cut through to the genre’s core. It deserved better. And Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, which was all but dismissed by the critical community, creates a sprawling, stylized, seductive vision of the world, as seen through the eyes of a hardcore gamer.

We all geeked out about Scott Pilgrim at Comic-Con, and we asked the studio if there was anything we could do to celebrate the forthcoming DVD release – the film arrives on n Blu-ray and DVD Tuesday, Nov. 9.

They responded with a whole slew of prizes that we can giveaway. So here’s the information on the swag, before we get into how you snag it: We have four lovely Blu-ray-DVD combo packs, with all the special features and goodies. So those will be the four runner-up prizes. And for the grand prize, we have a BD combo pack plus a signed skateboard that comes fully assembled and signed by director Edgar Wright (check out the video we did with Wright, on the films that influenced his career).

Here’s a pic of the skateboard, provided by Globe (Globe.TV):

How do you win this?

Well, it’s something of a scavenger hunt (but an easy hunt): Somewhere on TIME Magazine’s web site – – you’ll find a Q&A I did with Edgar Wright, ahead of the Scott Pilgrim release. In that interview, he reveals how he coached Michael Cera to be Scott Pilgrim by drawing a graph, that had two extremes of masculinity on it. He put one celebrity on one side of a graph, and another celeb on the other side.

You tell me: Who were the two celebs? Send both names to my e-mail… The first message I get will be the grand prize winner. The next four will be the runners up. And once all five items are gone, I’ll post a comment below saying “Contest Over.”

Then go out and spread the word: Scott Pilgrim is friggin awesome!