Will Kinect Sales Hit The Mark Microsoft Set?

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First, Microsoft claimed that they believed the Kinect would outsell the iPad, meaning they could move 1 million units in 28 days.

Then, just yesterday, Bloomberg News reporter Dina Bass claimed that Microsoft executive Don Mattrick told her the company was expecting to sell 5 million Kinects by the end of the year, making it the biggest Xbox product launch in terms of sales.

These are bold claims to make, especially considering the lackluster reviews, but with the holiday season coming up and Black Friday just around the corner, eager gamers could help Microsoft make the mark they set. It also helps that Oprah gave away a Kinect to everyone in her audience at a taping last week, resulting in a 42 percent increase in Amazon preorders. With the big US launch date today and the European, African and Middle East release dates just around the corner on November 10, interested parties watching to see if Microsoft hits their projection. Will you go out and get a Kinect today or in the upcoming week? Is it worth the $150 price for you?

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