Facebook & Microsoft Office Team Up For E-Mail Attachments

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With Facebook’s new messaging service announcement, comes news of a new relationship. It looks like Mark Zuckerberg has ‘friended’ Microsoft.

As the Facebook ‘non-email’ rolls out over the next few months, Microsoft’s Office Web Apps will enable users to access Word, Excel and PowerPoint docs inside the Facebook browser through a “view on Office.com” feature. Think: Google Docs with a Facebook spin. The MS Office suite will allow you to edit documents online, and again, much like Google, save them in a mini cloud-based filing cabinet.

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So what does this mean? Facebook is going for more integration. Microsoft is the first to sign on for an attachment partnership, but more are likely to come. Ultimately, Facebook will be pushing to become a hub for all-things social, purchasing things like concert tickets, even airline seats. The more they can create in one space, the more users will find it impossible to leave.

The Zuckpocalypse is upon us.

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