Contest: Share a Recipe and Win Donkey Kong Country Returns

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Fans of Nintendo platformers finally get to go ape this week when they get their hands on the sequel to the classic Donkey Kong Country Super Nintendo game.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The updated adventure features co-op play for the first time and also offers new levels in addition to the beloved jungle and minecart sections from the first DKC. Destructive but lovable rhino Rambi makes a comeback, too, and overall the game’s a super-sharp platformer in the vein of loads of Nintendo classics.

As diehard fans know, the goal of the series has always been to get Kong’s precious banana horde back into his hairy hands after it’s been stolen. The question, then, is what does he do with them all once they’re back home? That’s where you coming in, gentle reader. All you need to do to win is suggest a banana-flavored food that Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong would love. Bananas Foster, banana creme pie, banana milkshakes… the choice is yours. Comment below with your best banana-centric menu item and you could win a copy of the game. Contest ends at midnight tomorrow night.