Google in Germany: Houses Egged, Sidewalk Birth Hoaxed

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Oh, Germany. You’ve given us plenty to think about today when it comes to Google’s controversial Street View service.

A supposed Street View-captured birth made the rounds earlier and even though Google’s team in Germany confirmed it to be fake, you have to hand it to whomever took the time to either stage the photo in magnificent detail or whip up a little bit of Photoshop magic.

Here’s the photo (full resolution here):


Notice the haphazardly-parked car, the man on the right calling for help, the man on the left gawking, and the man on the far left that’s like, "I really don’t have time to get involved with whatever’s going on here." Well crafted.

And then there’s this gem. With all the uproar in Germany about Google being forced to let homeowners opt out of having their houses pictured in Street View photos, you’d think the Google-mobiles that capture the 360-degree snapshots would be the targets of many an egging.

Not so. It appears that Google fans have resorted to egging houses that have opted out of Street View. The BBC reports that some homes "have been pelted with eggs and had ‘Google’s cool’ notices pinned to their doors."

Google says that they "by no means consider this to be acceptable behaviour," likely while trying not to smirk at the thought of someone writing "Google’s cool" on a post-it note and sticking it to an egg-covered door.

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