5 Online Scams To Avoid This Year

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With the beginning of the holiday season comes the cyber scam blitz.

This year, the Better Business Bureau, McAfee and even the FBI have posted their lists of scams to be wary of, and if nothing else, the stories of what people will fall for will terrify you. This year, avoid cybercrooks who will prey on your curiosity, your wallet and your identity with our list of five scams to avoid during the holiday season.

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brainfelker: NAME=DAVID WALTER.                             STATE=ADO EKITI.                                    COUNTRY=NIGEIRIA.                                ZIP CODE=00176
brainfelker: That is the address you will send the money too
brainfelker: Thanks I really appreciate you for thsi
 i keep loosin connection
: what is ADO
: Ekiti
brainfelker: It is a state here where the agent his
: so how do u get it then
 if ur in africa
brainfelker: When you send it to the address I gave you and I will mail the agent and tell him someone want to send money to him then he can catch it up for him
brainfelker: He will deliver it here to us
Last message received on 9/21 at 11:26 AM
: im not promising
: i dont  know him that well
: to send money
: i got caught up in that crap before
: i think i should just leave this an u move on to ur next victim
: have a nice day

This is a conversation just this am 9/21/13 from one of them trying to get me to send money for a friend of his named William who was to have been shot for going out of the area he wasn't to be in he wanted me to send 1525 for his medical bills ha as I told him army pays for this he told me not when they r not obeying there commander an in locations there not to be in this was there discipline of medical non payment for the family's to have to pay right. He said I would be repaid once he could get access to his funds after leaving hospital. Well I have already been scammed once by a man for over 3000.00 and Im not falling for it again I pray women read this and can pass there story's around so others will not fall for these a#$holes they need to be stopped and charged. Im on disability and my money comes hard to me.


So how can we get together and STOP these predators stealing from us women and our soldiers it needs to STOP!!!!