Rumor: Remake of the First “Halo” Game Coming Next Year?

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Now that Bungie and Microsoft have officially parted ways with the release of Halo: Reach, many have been wondering what the video game future of the Xbox mega-franchise will be. Sure, the long-awaited Master Chief movie may yet happen and more books, comics and animated projects are likely on their way but video games are where it all started. And, with the way development cycles usually work, it could be a minimum of two years before any new Spartan vs. Covenant conflict surfaces. (More on Gaming Tip Sheet: “Fallout: New Vegas”)

However, reports are beginning to circulate that Microsoft may be prepping a HD version of Halo: Combat Evolved to come out in 2011. 343 Industries–the special internal that controls all things Halo–is supposedly working on the re-make with the same engine used for Reach and a UK Microsoft exec recently commented that such a game would be a good idea. The company has expressed a desire to increase the frequency at which Halo games come out, and this rumor seems to jibe with that thinking. Lastly, next year will mark the 10th anniversary of Halo–which cemented the success of the first Xbox–and Microsoft would surely not let such an occasion go by without a celebratory release.

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