10 Alien Types We Wish Were Real

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Okay, so NASA hasn’t announced that it’s discovered evidence of extra-terrestrial life, as was rumored/hoped for as soon as today’s press conference was announced earlier this week. And while the discovery of an entirely new lifeform that redefines life as we know it is nothing to be sneezed at – Anything that actually deserves the sentence “Everything you knew about [Subject X] is wrong is more than alright with me – the idea of someone actually discovering alien life got me thinking… What fictional aliens do I wish we’d somehow manage to find first? Here are 10 suggestions for the extra-terrestrials that would make our first contact a pleasant experience.

While history may have demonstrated that large numbers of refugees from the planet Krypton are likely to bring either cultural misunderstandings or full-scale war to Earth, all it takes is one look at the example of Superman to see what potential this alien race would have to bringing truth, justice and brightly colored fashions to humanity.

Humanity has long fantasized about little green men from Mars, but if there’s one thing that DC Comics’ Martian Manhunter teaches us, it’s that apparently Martians are quite tall. That they’re also superpowered, detectives and love Oreo cookies only makes me wish they could come and visit already… as long as they leave their genocidal White Martian brethren behind. (More on Techland: 10 Fictional Schools To Send Your Children To – To Die)

Martians (2)
Yes, Marvin the Martian may have tried multiple times to try and destroy our planet, but all it takes is one good look at the cute little tyrant and all is forgiven. Who could resist meeting small extra-terrestrial despots that dress like ancient Roman soldiers and talk with such weird voices? Only those with no hearts, is who. And it’s not like these Martians are even competent enough to actually be dangerous.

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