12 Days Of Giveaways: Day Two, For The Kids

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Thanks to everyone who participated in yesterday’s contest. Consider the contest closed. We’ll have a winner picked within the hour.

Today we’ve got a nice toy bundle for the kids, or for the adults who want to relive their youth with modern toys.

We’ve got:

  • Superhero Squad toy and comic pack
  • My Secret Circle BFF pack (Essentially two USB drives used to pass between friends. As they’re pink, they’re probably just for girls.)
  • Battle Bands: Starter pack, Rumble pack & Booster pack (Much like the Silly Bandz, but they come in the shape of dragons and such. Looks like fun.)

Today’s question: What is the best toy of all-time? (Hit us with some nostalgia!) Contest ends tomorrow at noon. Good luck.

Please read for full contest rules.