What Went Viral This Week

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December 17, 2010 –

Sex Syrup (Actually SFW!!!)

Don’t lie: You like the song, too. Yung Humma’s rhymes are just as smooth as that maple goodness.

“I Hate Football” Kid Gets Happy? Ending

Two things you should know about me. One, I grew up in San Diego. Two, I know exactly how this kid felt.

40 Photos of Dogs Freaking Out In Snow

Yes dogs love snow just like most of us, well at least according to Buzzfeed.

Movie Montage

How many of these have you seen and what does that mean? I realized I’ve seen most of them, which means I spent a considerable amount of time sitting in a movie theater this year.

Parrot Sings “Let The Bodies Hit The Floor”

The amount of times that parrot was subjected to that song in order to learn it borders on abuse.

How To Piss Off A Nerd

I… ummm… !!!?

Christian Bale Sings The Powerpuff Girls Theme Song

This is even scarier than when he went off about someone trashing his lights. [Link NSFW. Warning: You may start dancing.]

Lost Dog: Please Don’t Return

I’m all for taking responsibility for your pets, but when your dog is Cujo

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