A.V. Club Turns Their Podcast Into A Web Show

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A.V. Club, the serious side of the Onion, has partnered with Internet television network Revision3 in order to form an online syndication program for their podcast A.V. Talk. The program will now become a web show moderated by the editors of the site and will continue to provide that super in-depth, way too analytical arts and entertainment news that we movie, music and TV snobs love to lap up.

“Expanding A.V. Talk into the visual world makes perfect sense,” General Manager of The A.V. Club Josh Modell said in the press release.  “With the help of Revision3, we’ll be able to show our readers as well as tell them about the latest in pop culture.  And when you combine Rev3’s army of nerds with our army of nerds, you’ve got an unstoppable force!”

The first episode, launched today, will be about the best movies of 2010. Starting January 15, the show will go up every Friday and be about 12 to 15 minutes in length, quite lengthy for the average web show but shorter than a traditional TV news program. You can see the list of episodes here. Although I’m a fan of review TV shows – I grew up watching At The Movies – it hasn’t been that popular as of lately. Do you think A.V. Talk will have more success online?

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