“Mario Sports Mix” Out February

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Get ready for the next chapter in competitive gaming since Super Smash Bros. The newest Mario title for the Wii, Mario Sports Mix, will be in stores in February 7, 2011 for North Americans, according to a press release from Nintendo. We’re a fan of the multi-player and easy-to-learn gameplay, which means even more of our non-gaming friends can get in on the action. Although it kind of reminds us of Wii Sports, being able to school your competitors as Princess Peach on the basketball court makes it more fun. It will include hockey, basketball, volleyball and dodgeball, as well as the classic Mario Power Tennis and Mario Toadstool Golf which were first available for the Gamecube. Because production company Square Enix is involved, we’re also guaranteed some Final Fantasy characters. Warning: Although you may think it’s less physical than real sports, Mario Sports Mix may cause button mashing injuries.

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