The Three Songs You Need To Download This Week

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December 22, 2010 –

There’s a lot of music online–more than most people have time to keep up with. That’s why you’ve got us. Every week, we’ll point you toward three excellent new songs from chart-topping stars, cult favorites and unknown geniuses, and show you where you can find them as free downloads or videos.

1. The ingenious mashup–starting with Ratatat’s “Nostrand”–that underscores YouTube user genrocks’ even more ingenious “Filmography 2010,” a six-minute survey of 270 movies released this year.

2. Kanye West’s contribution to this year’s Christmas repertoire: “Christmas in Harlem” (distributed via his own G.O.O.D. Music blog), which features verses from a half-dozen of his associates, including Cam’ron, Jim Jones and CyHi Da Prince.

3. PJ Harvey’s “Written on the Forehead,” from her forthcoming album Let England Shake: a deranged, woozy “All Along the Watchtower”-style vision (by way of a couple of Jeanette Winterson novels), built on a sample of Niney the Observer’s “Blood and Fire.”

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