What Do You Want To Ask Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales?

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TIME is doing an upcoming 10 Questions with Jimmy Wales, aka the co-founder of Wikipedia and the guy asking you for money each time you do some “research” on the site. He had some interesting answers about the past, present and future of the company, and we want you to ask the questions.

If I had a question for him, I would ask him what I’ve always wondered: how he got that sad look in his eyes in the pictures they use for the appeals. It makes him look like a kid on Christmas day who finds out that his parents didn’t get him the thing he wanted most, but he’s still grateful for his family and friends who are with him at this time of year.  Anyway, enough with my ranting. For answers to questions that were previously asked, like what he thinks drives people to donate to the site and what he thinks is needs to be done before Wikipedia will be considered a valid source by teachers, check out his 1997 interview with TIME.

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