He’s Baaack: Harry Plinkett on “Star Wars Episode III”

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Normally I would scoff at anyone who decided to review movies years after they were released when there’s no new material about the title coming out. However, when the review comes from Mike Stoklasa, aka Harry Plinkett, his long-winded, extremely detailed and completely accurate reviews are always a welcome opinion.

Six years after Star Wars Episode III : Revenge of the Sith was released, Plinkett finally got around to watching the latest and not-so-greatest installment of the space opera, and, well he’s got a few words to say – more accurately, over an hour and 40 minutes worth of material. To summarize what Plinkett thought of Revenge of the Sith, I offer you this quote from his review: “The first thing we knew was the title, which of course you thought the obvious thing. If you simply rearrange the letters in the word sith, you could spell out a different word which could predict what this movie was going to be.” Part one is up above for you to enjoy, but if you want to get the whole experience here’s parts two and three. It might be longer than the movie he’s reviewing, but at least it’s is entertaining and doesn’t make you cringe and cry out for the days before George Lucas ruined your childhood.

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