MGM Launches New Nostalgia TV Network

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Fresh out of bankruptcy, MGM is planning to make the most of its new lease on life by launching Me-TV, a new digital broadcast network filled with classic MGM television shows including Cheers, M*A*S*H and the original Star Trek.

The new network – full name Memorable Entertainment TV, and suddenly “Me-TV” sounds so much better – is a partnership between MGM Worldwide TV, who will take charge of national distribution, and Chicago-based Weigel Broadcasting. Weigel actually launched an earlier, test version of this network in Milwaukee in 2008, which itself was an expansion of a Chicago programming block of the same name. The network will be broadcast on digital frequencies and available to any station wishing to affiliate, with MGM planning to add new programming on a regular basis. First up, the 1960s Green Hornet series starring Bruce Lee, to support the Seth Rogen movie released next week.

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