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January 7, 2011 –

Golden Voice Homeless Man Gets Happy Ending

This “Awww”-Inspiring moment is brought to you by TIME’s Newsfeed.

Joe Biden Knows One Joke

Did you hear that one about, “No dates until you’re 30?” Oh I told you that one? Let me tell you again.

LOST Numbers Win

Okay did anyone who won $150 using the Hurley’s numbers actually watch LOST? If they did, they would have learned… wait… I’m still confused what the numbers meant. Oh, and what the show was actually about.

Ultimate Twi-Votion

Although there is excellent linework and shading, I’m going to go with FAIL. This Star Wars back tattoo however…

Four Year Old Girl Explains Starcraft 2

This is otherwise known as “The Making of A Future Nerd.” This little girl is going to look back when she’s older and think of all the fun times she had sitting in front of a computer with her dad.

Yoga And Drunks Sharing The Same Poses

Thanks to Buzzfeed, I’m trading my yoga mat for a flask.

Hovering Around

This might be the cheapest option of getting around these days, especially since the commercial keeps saying you can get one for free.

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