New Las Vegas Nightclub Looks to Attract… Gamers?

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The unlikely marriage between nightlife and gaming seems antithetical on paper, but that didn’t stop the creators of a new Las Vegas nightclub from trying to do both.

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Insert Coin(s), opening this Spring, seems intent on luring party-going gamers with booze, girls, sweat and (terrible) bouncy trance.

Here’s their promo vid:

The list of games looks promising: Black Ops and Super Street Fighter IV headline the mix, and there are a handful of more classic offerings like Super Mario World and, impressively, Toejam and Earl.

To be fair, it’s 2011 and everyone plays video games, but I’m still a bit skeptical, seeing as how A) loud, awkward social situations aren’t really conducive to a proper gaming environment, and B) socially awkward nerds willing to throw down money to play games at a club – no matter how big their checking accounts – aren’t exactly conducive to a raging Vegas party (which is always the goal, right?)

It isn’t exactly a match made in heaven, plus I’m really curious as to how they’re going to get girls in there.

But kudos on the promo vid, especially for the Swingers nod.  Maybe I like my gaming a bit more private — where no one can watch me lean with the screen like a noob — but I hope it works out.

(via Complex, Event Hub)

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