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February 11, 2011 –

Metal Drummer Puppy

Just saying, he should jam with Keyboard Cat.

Girlfriend Takes Revenge on Ex By Turning Him Into A Meme

He dun goofed with the wrong lady. [via Gawker]

Even More Footage From This Year’s Best Superbowl Episode

As if one minute of Lil’ Vader wasn’t enough.

A Better Version of the Captain America Trailer

Team America always wins. [NSFW: Song contains inappropriate language, but is still worth listening to]

Detroit Attempting to Get A Robocop Statue

At first I thought this was ridiculous, and then I realized how awesome this idea was. [via Imagine Station Detroit]

What To Do With Your NES Controller

And your Mom thought it was junk [via 1-800-Recycling]

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