Top 10 Monday Tech Deals

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It’s Monday! Time for some handpicked gadget deals.

Refurbished Xbox 360 Kinect: $100 at (today only)

10018805-21If you’re looking to see what all the Kinect fuss is about but you’re not willing to drop $150 for the privilege of doing so, has a one-day deal on a refurbished Kinect unit for $100 with a 30-day warranty. It comes with Kinect Adventures, too.

LG 22-inch HDTV: $199 at Walmart (today only)

0071919217734_150X150Looking for a TV to go in the rumpus room? Do you have a rumpus room? Any room will do, just call it the rumpus room and put this TV in there. Walmart has a one-day deal on a 720p LG television set. It’s perfect for some sort of spare room in your house—like maybe a rumpus room.

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