Want to Find The Closest Brewery? BlackBerry’s Brew World App Can Help

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Need beer right away and don’t want to settle for that water in a glass bottle that they sell at your local convenience store? Brew World can help you out.

Their Blackberry app has compiled a list of over 1,600 breweries and over 3,000 beers in the United States. Using Blackberry maps, it can pinpoint the closest brewery and beers they serve near your location. As a registered member, you can review beers so you can show off that you are a connoisseur of the lager and stout.

Best part of the free app? Being able to shut up your European friends who visit and keep complaining that our lager here is far less superior than their continent’s exports. Just because our mass marketed beers aren’t up to standard doesn’t mean that the U.S. doesn’t have some hidden gems at our local breweries.

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