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February 18, 2011 –

Real Life Mario Kart

Sucks for him: He always got the bananas. It’s all about the star.

House Pays Tribute To Colbert

Legend has it that if you look closely at Colbert’s background on the Colbert Report you’ll see a picture of Dr. House. The show paid tribute by doing the same with this image. [via MSNBC]

Smash Mouth Releases Isolated Vocal Track For “Fans” To Remix, Finds Out Everyone Hates Them


There Will Be Giants

Mot exactly sure why you would want this, unless you’re trying to hid what you really look like from that person you met online.

Serene Branson’s Grammy Flub Medically Explained

It’s great to know she’s doing better and made it through.

Justin Bieber Shot and Killed on CSI

I had to check this several times that this wasn’t an excellent editing job, but no it’s real. And, if you read the comments, apparently not everyone has Bieber fever.

Radiohead Releases First Music Video From New Album

If their music hasn’t alienated mainstream America, then Tom Yorke’s dancing will – and cement him as a Hipster God.

Hip Hop Tots

Already Usher knew how to woo the ladies with his smile. [via sensibleheartt]

Watson Inadvertently Makes Fun of Canadians

Haha… oh wait, you still won.

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