Adult Swim Gets Their Own App

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If you want to watch Adult Swim programing on your iPad or iPhone, here’s your chance. Yesterday, Adult Swim Digital launched a free new app that will let you play all the games, including Robot Unicorn Attack, and all the programing – from The Venture Bros. to Metalocalypse – with your iOS device. While you’ll still have to pay 99 cents for each paid app which accounts for most of the games, free full-length episodes of all the shows are available for your perusal.

“We didn’t want to publish just another video app,” Adult Swim vice-president of digital and games Jeff Olsen said. “We’ve got great content and a very savvy audience. We wanted something fun and original that was worthy of them both.”

Besides looking pretty, the free app also has a clock (so you can tell how much time you’ve wasted), weather information, a calculator and more features to be added throughout the year through weekly updates. There’s also tons of easter eggs for fans of the shows hidden within the app. Plus, perhaps the most practical function, you can share that high score or that clip via Facebook, Twitter and email.

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