Apple Wants You To Take Your Old iPads To School

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Okay, so you may have a little bit longer to wait than you’d like before getting your new iPad, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t think about what to do with your original iPads. Unsurprisingly, Apple has a suggestion for you about that: The company is supporting Teach for America’s iPads for Classrooms program, allowing people to take their unwanted iPads to Apple Retail Stores, where they’ll be collected before being passed to Teach for America to distribute amongst their members for use in low-income communities.

The use of iPads in classrooms has been the subject of discussion for some time, with Apple playing up the possibilities in the keynote introducing iPad 2 earlier this month. Of course, Apple’s involvement in this program is win-win for the company; it underscores the idea of the iPad as educational device, makes the company look particularly altruistic, and builds brand awareness in the all-important schoolkid demographic; helping kids learn is almost a happy side-benefit in the whole thing.

If you happen to have a spare iPad and want to help out, a complete list of Retail Stores can be found here, and you can find out more about Teach for America here.

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