Hong Kong Pays Double for the iPad 2 (And It’s Still Sold Out)

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If you’re tempted to complain about the latest iPad’s price tag, consider this: in Hong Kong, iPad 2s are easily selling for twice the price, and in some cases up to $1,500. (And that’s not in Hong Kong dollars, either.)

Even though the iPad 2 has yet to make it way to Hong Kong, the device is already sold out. It’s been reported that Apple distributors in Hong Kong have sent people to the US to buy as many as devices as they can to bring back to sell. And no kidding, because shopping could even be called Hong Kong’s national pastime: here, people even live above shopping malls.

If the device sells for $1,500, that already covers a regularly-priced plane ticket to America and the cost of the device. It’s bizarre when the iPad 2 is made in Apple’s Shenzhen factories – an hour and a half away.

Until then, though, China and Hong Kong will have to make do. The international launch of the iPad 2 won’t happen until the end of this month, and Hong Kong is not included.

(via Business Insider)

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