Lexar’s First With a 128 GB SDXC Card

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Professional photographers and videographers, and wealthy amateurs, take note: Lexar now sells an SDXC memory card with a whopping 128 GB of storage.

SDXC refers to the latest generation of SD memory cards. Theoretically, SDXC supports up to 2 TB of storage and transfer speeds of 104 MB per second. We’re not nearly there yet, but Lexar’s 128 GB card is the highest-capacity SD card to date, and it has guaranteed minimum transfer speeds of 20 MB per second with an SDXC-enabled card reader.

Of course, speed and storage doesn’t come cheap. The 128 GB card has a suggested retail price of $330 (Adorama’s selling them for $280). You can also get a 64 GB SDXC card for $200 (or $130 at Adorama), but to go cheaper you’ll have to drop down to the previous-generation SDHC cards, which top out at 32 GB.

But you know how it works: Today’s cutting-edge tech ends up in tomorrow’s bargain bin. Eventually we’ll all be snapping unlimited photos on our million-megapixel cameras.

(via dpreview)