T-Mobile’s 4G Sidekick Is Poised for a Spring Comeback

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Last year, T-Mobile axed the Sidekick. But never fear, the phone is coming back, in better and badder shape than ever.

It seems like our report in January was spot on: we mentioned the Sidekick was coming back, that it would be 4G, and that it would also launch in the first half of the year. By golly, it’s all of those things and more.

The Samsung-made, Android-powered Sidekick sports the first touchscreen to ever grace the Sidekick lineup, along with the QWERTY keyboard it is known for. It also runs on a 1Ghz Hummingbird chip making it speedy all-around, and includes a 3MP camera.

You’ll get it even sooner than was initially anticipated – T-Mobile is launching the device in the spring. It’ll also be available in two colors, black and pearl magenta. Hooray!

(via Press Release)

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