Google Mobile for iPhone Gets Revamped as Google Search

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Say goodbye to Google Mobile, and say hello to Google Search. Google’s revamped its app, giving it a whole new look and feel. It just wouldn’t be the same if you didn’t change the name too.

The revamped iPhone app is a nice update, making ithe previous version seem clunky and old. Along with voice search, the search feature includes Google Goggles and the ability to search around your location. Google has added menus, and the app also utilizes the iPhone’s touch gestures for overall easier navigation.

Once you’ve entered your query, you can swipe to the right to more easily sort through your search results instead of trying to hit the tiny links at the top. Swipe back to keep the whole screen’s focus on the results.

Among some of the updates they’ve included is the option to start a new search right away or go back to your previous search by tapping the lower part of the page.

The Google Apps all remain within easy access. There’s a button on the bottom so you can still access these Google services more easily.

There’s a lot of additions in the new app, which is why Google’s left a lot of instructions if you’re confused. If you’ve got a question, touch the question mark right next to the logo, and it’ll explain all the gestures. They have just thought of everything.

(via Google)

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