Intuit Glitch Results in Tax Return of Your Dreams

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Ever get a tax return that seemed a little too good to be true? Imagine how Huron, Ohio resident Denise Bossetti felt when the state promised her $200 million.

Bossetti was reportedly one of 9,700 Ohio residents to receive outrageously inflated tax returns, thanks to an incorrectly-formatted data field in Intuit’s ProSeries and TurboTax software. The glitch affected a small portion of users who filed their returns between January 21 and January 24, and who asked to be paid by direct desposit, IDG News Service reports.

Intuit fixed the glitch immediately, and the problem “in no way affects the accuracy of the customer’s return or their true refund amount,” company spokeswoman Julie Miller told IDG. Call off the auditors, then.