Tiny Facebook Change Might Catch Out Fast Typists

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Be careful if you’re typing something on your Facebook wall today: the social network has made a tiny change to how things work.

As detailed by the Next Web, Facebook’s “Comment” button has disappeared. Now you just need to hit the Enter or Return key to post your comment. If you want a paragraph break in the comment, you have to remember to hit Shift and Enter.

It’s such a small change, but it might catch people out, with comments being posted before their authors have finished typing.

There are also small changes to the way comments are deleted. Clicking the “x” to the top-right of any comment now re-opens its text in an editable box, so you can make changes and re-post.

These changes only apply to comments on posts; the “Share” button is still there for your own status updates, but given this tweak we have to wonder if its days are numbered.