TechFast: Google vs China, iPad Success, Facebook Snaps Up Snaptu

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Good morning! Here are some of this morning’s interesting tech stories. More on these, and more besides, coming up later.

iPad 2 Will Keep The Top Spot

In a market analysis report that will surprise exactly no-one, some analysts from Gartner said the Apple iPad will continue to dominate the tablet computer market for some time to come. Apple’s economies of scale, and the strength of the iOS software platform, means rivals will struggle to produce devices that can compete. The behavior of bears in woods remains unconfirmed, however.

Link: The Guardian

Google accuses China of disrupting Gmail

Google squared up to China again this morning, accusing the Chinese authorities of creating a sophisticated web hack that interferes with Gmail accounts. While users can still log in, they cannot send messages, or access their address books. The hack, Google told Reuters, was “carefully designed to look like the problem was with Gmail.”

Link: Reuters

Snaptu snapped up

Facebook acquired a little-known Israeli/UK tech company called Snaptu over the weekend. Snaptu builds software and behind-the-scenes network services that allow ordinary cellphones to run apps. The video demo on this page gives you a good idea how it works, using Twitter as an example. Clearly Facebook wants to make sure that having an older (or cheaper) cellphone needn’t get in the way of staying in touch via Facebook.

Link: Snaptu blog

Ive profiled

The Daily Mail runs a lengthy profile of British designer Jony Ive, the man whose designs have been the backbone to Apple’s massive success in recent years. Ive himself isn’t interviewed, but the writer talks to many people who have known him or studied his work.

Link: Daily Mail

Fishing for boosters

Ever wondered how NASA recovers those rocket boosters that detach from the Shuttle when it’s half-way to orbit?

Here’s how.

Link: The Next Web