A Fix for the Dreaded “Reply All” Bungle?

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Hate sending group emails, because there’s always one name you forget to add? A new start-up is hoping to find success and fortune by solving that problem for you. Fiesta.cc will automatically create a mailing list for you simply by adding the name of the group in your CC field.

The service is free, and doesn’t even require users to register with the company. As the official site explains:

Creating a list is easy: send an email to the members of the list, and CC list_name@fiesta.cc. Create a list called family@fiesta.cc for your entire family, or soccer@fiesta.cc for your soccer team… List names don’t have to be unique: fiesta.cc uses your email address to figure out which list to send to. That means you and your friend can each have your own list called family@fiesta.cc, and fiesta.cc will never get them confused.

A surprisingly simple idea, right? And, no doubt, one that the company is hoping will catch the attention of venture capitalists and potential buyers alike…

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