Judge Says Jobs Must Testify In Antitrust Case

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Apple CEO Steve Jobs must attend court for two hours to answer questions from lawyers in an antitrust lawsuit, a judge ruled.

Jobs, who is currently on medical leave from the company, surprised the tech world by making an appearance on stage for the official launch of the iPad 2 earlier this month.

The court hearing is part of an ongoing class action case brought against Apple, relating to changes made to its iTunes software over six years ago.

Judge Howard R Lloyd ruled that Steve Jobs had “unique, non-repetitive first hand knowledge about Apple’s software updates in October 2004 that rendered the RealNetworks’ digital music files once again inoperable with iPods.”

Judge Lloyd placed restrictions on the deposition. Jobs may only be questioned for two hours in total, and only about the events involving the two companies back in late 2004.

(Via Reuters)