Retro Handheld Electronic Games Memorialized in Flash

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At 28, I’m just old enough to remember an era before Game Boys, when mediocre electronic handheld games were the only way to pass the time while your parents went furniture shopping. Pica Pic, Hipopotam’s tribute to these handheld LCD games, is now destroying my productivity.

Right now, Pica Pic has 17 games to choose from, including one from Tiger (“The Terminator”) and one from Nintendo’s Game & Watch series (“Donkey Kong Jr.”). Two more games, Zelda and Plane & Tank, are coming soon.

The library runs on Adobe Flash, uses the keyboard for controls and has a clean, simple presentation. The sounds and images are spot on. If you’re my age or older, I hope you find a couple that you remember playing during those horrible, horrible errands.

(via Engadget)