Robbed Victim Posts Video of Laptop Thief Dancing Online

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Is this a victory dance? After being identified as a thief, and having this embarrassing video posted online, I think not.

Fortunately, Mark Bao, an 18-year-old student at Bentley University in Massachusetts, knows his way around a computer. When his MacBook Air was stolen, he discovered he could still access several his hard drive and browser history. In addition to the thief taking pictures of himself on Photo Booth, he also recorded himself dancing it up to a remix of Tyga’s “Make It Rain.” Bao decided to post the video on YouTube.

Partially, thanks to some foresight, Bao uses a backup service Blackblaze, which syncs all of his laptop contents online. Bao also was able to find out who the thief was. The computer has since been returned, but let’s just say the YouTube video continues to live on.

(via Switched)

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