Want to Play a Real-Life Crush the Castle?

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If you’ve ever played a successful Flash game called Crush the Castle, you’ll know how much fun it is to hurl virtual rocks at evil royal enemies with your trusty medieval trebuchet.

In fact, hurling rocks turns out to be so much fun that doing it on screen just isn’t enough. People want to hurl something real. People want targets.

Those people should get themselves along to this Kickstarter project, whose makers have developed an ingenious snap-together wooden trebuchet for the desktop.

No glue, no screws, and no nails are necessary. Just 10 minutes of snap-together time, then take aim, and FIRE!

As always with Kickstarter, the more you pledge, the more you get in return if the project goes ahead. In this case, $30 gets you one trebuchet, but $60 gets you two and some little cut-out buildings to knock down in battle.

Nerf wars? That’s so 2008.