Happy Birthday OS X!

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Hey, OS X! It’s March 24th! Happy birthday! Ten years since your first full release in 2001.

Wait a second, you’re ten now? Ten? But… you’re huge! I can’t believe you’ve grown so much. I remember when you were this high. No wait, this high.

Wow, OS X. You’re growing up so fast.

You were a cute kid. In the early days, when you were a baby, you were cute and annoying, like most babies. We loved you, of course, but you drove us nuts too. All those bugs. Those sleepless nights.

In the early days, like most of Apple products, you didn’t have a lot of friends. Even Apple’s closest friends took a while to learn to love you, but you were so much better than Classic OS 9. And despite your initial bugs, you smartened up quickly. You changed. You used to be all shiny, and into bright colours. Now you’re older and you’ve toned that stuff down. That was a good choice, I think it suits you this way.

You went through all those nicknames, and by the time people started calling you Panther, you were gaining a pretty good reputation. People started paying attention. Geeks were using you to code with. And ordinary people, people who used to only use Windows because they didn’t even know about any alternatives, began to notice you.

That happened because of your little sister, iOS. None of us – not even you! – knew how much potential there was in those early iPods.

But the iPods changed, and with every new idea, they pulled more people in to Apple’s world, and introduced them to you.

Now there’s a whole new world of amazing touch-screen gadgets that people just can’t get enough of. And iOS herself is growing fast, too. She’s shooting up, faster then you did. She looks a lot like you. It’s funny.

So, happy birthday OS X. Good luck for the next 10 years.