TechFast: AT&T Joins Amazon App Store Fray, Facebook Tests Web Search

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AT&T to work with Amazon App Store

AT&T is reportedly trying to enable access to purchases to Amazon’s app store, for their Android customers. Which means that, yes, AT&T customers may be playing Angry Birds Rio all day long.

Link: Engadget

Samsung apps hit 100 million downloads

Ten months after Samsung launches it own app store, it gets to celebrate with 100 million downloads. Good going, Samsung.

Link: MobileCrunch

Facebook trying out web search?

Too lazy to go to Google’s home page? Well, you may be in luck cause, internally, Facebook is going start trying out web search within its site for the truly lazy. Which means, it might be coming to users.

Link: All Facebook

Google’s keeping the lid on Honeycomb

Google has always given developers early access to its software. However, this time around, Google might delay the latest version of Honeycomb, their Android tablet software.

Link: BusinessWeek

Apple may keep posting double profits into 2012

According to a thinkthank, Apple may be well poised for the next year or two. Sales are expected to grow by more than 50 percent in the next two years due to demand for its products like the iPad, iPhone, and other devices.

Link: BusinessWeek