RadioShack Selling iPad 2 Now

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Having trouble finding an iPad 2? YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Stock is depleted just about everywhere and people have had to resort to using common laptops and even—gasp!—first-generation iPads.

RadioShack is hoping to help with some of the iPad 2 frustration by selling the new tablet in many of its retail locations across the country.

Stock levels don’t necessarily appear to be readily-available, though, and RadioShack doesn’t even list the iPad 2 under the Tablets & E-Readers section of its online store. In fact, I had to search for “iPad 2” on RadioShack’s site just to get a simple splash page with nationwide store location information. And the phone numbers to the stores aren’t even listed!

So take this however you will, but it almost reads like, “We’re permitted to sell the iPad 2 but we don’t have a lot of them and please don’t call to see if we have them.” That being said, you’d have to think that some RadioShack stores would at least have to have some iPads since this is the first day they’re available for sale there.

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