Netflix to Finally Launch Outside of America?

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We Americans love our Netflix, but evidence suggests the video-on-demand service is at least thinking to pushing its service beyond Lady Liberty’s shores. Engadget reported that Netflix may be looking to expand based on some facts they unearthed.

What’s this evidence? The blog found some job postings online for the company that suggest Netflix may be thinking about extending its reach overseas. Among some of the postings (within Netflix’s customer call center) say that candidates must be ready for “rapid” international expansion for support “outside of North America.”

They’re also looking for people who have mad multilingual skills, with fluency in one of multiple different languages. Unfortunately, the scope of language fluency they are looking for is quite broad, so Netflix may or may not have several countries already in mind. Que interesante.

Last year, it was reported that Netflix would expand into the UK market by late 2010. That hasn’t happened, so rumors aside, is it worth it to give all this talk some credence? Maybe, maybe not.

(via Engadget)

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