Blizzard’s StarCraft Kinect Game Gives You a Zerg Rush

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Microsoft said all along that their Kinect motion-sensing camera would open up new gameplay possibilities. Turns out it’s opened the unlikeliest possibility of all: a StarCraft game for the Xbox 360.

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Blizzard kept fans waiting about a decade for StarCraft II, which promptly went on to break sales records when it finally came out last year. But the series has been absent from consoles since 2000, when the first StarCraft hit the Nintendo 64.

StarCraft: Motion Overdrive remedies that and looks to use players’ own hands to manipulate Protoss, Terran, and Zerg units. And as with all things Starcraft, it looks like Korean players are already manifesting inhuman skills playing the Kinect version. It’s unknown yet whether the body-fusion features will be a North American exclusive, or how that might counteract Korean players’ dominance of the real-time strategy franchise.

We’re awaiting more details from Blizzard–like whether there’s going to be a version for PS3 and the Playstation Move–but chances are they’ll keep details close to the vest until E3 in June.