Blogger’s Brighter Blog Blueprints

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Blogger has just lifted the lid on some cool new features that will be finding their way into the hosting blogging service soon.

Top of the list is a selection of new views that you can apply to any Blogger blog, irrespective of which template you use for it.

The views are called Flipcard, Mosaic, Sidebar, Snapshot and Timeslide. They’re built using the very latest web technology and they’re full of whizzy visual effects.

Old features are still there, too. Posts still have unique URLs, you can still post comments. But with the new views switched on, there are more ways of browsing your stuff.

If you already have a Blogger blog, you can test the new views by adding “/view” to the end of your blog’s address. It won’t work for all sites, but it will work for most. It looks a lot better if you usually include photos with every post.

There’s other new stuff, too. Infinite scrolling, which means that as someone scrolls to the bottom of your site’s home page, new content is automatically loaded. There’s no need to click to get to older posts, you just keep scrolling.

Blogger’s been somewhat overtaken by the hipper, younger upstarts at WordPress and Tumblr in recent years. The new views are very Tumblr-esque if you ask me, and a sign that Google (Blogger’s owner) is determined to push the service further.