The New MoMA iPad App: Art Appreciation, Without All the Annoying Museum Stuff

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Do you love modern art, but hate all the snobby, faux-intellectual posturing that comes with going to the museum? If you own an iPad, the new MoMA app just might be for you.

Developed in collaboration with noted design agency Rendermonkey (edit: turns out it was developed in-house with an assist from a nice little indie shop called theCoderie; Rendermonkey handled their iPhone app), MoMA Books is a free download that allows you to preview and purchase a number of the museum’s gorgeous art books from the less-snooty confines of your own home. The best part is a good number of these titles are out of print, and would normally take a fair amount of effort to find in the real world. (Plus less stress on your coffee table’s legs!)

That, and pinch-zooming to see the detailing on a Pollock sure beats fighting through rows and rows of squinting tourists. Maybe that’s just me.

(via Design Taxi, MoMA)

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