Blocked Number? TrapCall Will Let You Find Out Who’s Calling

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Chances are you haven’t been waiting 201 days to find out who was calling under a blocked number. TrapCall, an iPhone app that lets you do that, did spend that long waiting for Apple to approve the nifty functionality, though. World beware, the app’s been unleashed.

TrapCall is an app that lets phone users pretty much unmasks anyone who’s calling behind a blocked number: enemies, ex-girlfriends, creditors… the list goes on. It’s a free download in the iTunes store, but you actually have to pay $5 a month for the service.

The whole thing won’t actually let you discover who it is though, and then let you pick up. Instead, users hit their power button twice to “decline” the call. The service then sends the call back to your phone, along with name and address via text.

The service will can transcribe your voicemails, letting you send them through text messages, e-mail or push. You’ll also be able to receive alerts when your phone is turned off, or give blacklisted callers preset messages. Google Voice, anyone?

There’s no way to see how long it will survive in the app store: chances are since the app spent some time in Apple’s holding cell, it’ll probably be monitored to see how things fare. Still, if you’re getting weird phone calls, it might be a good way to figure out who’s a pesky telemarketer or see which of your friends are just being overly paranoid.

(via 9to5Mac)

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