Princeton Review iPad App Makes SAT Prep Bearable

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Thanks to a new app from Princeton Review, the iPad finally does something magical: it makes SAT preparation mildly amusing.

Princeton Review’s SAT Score Quest is a free iPad app that provides multiple choice questions in math, writing and critical reading. Users can draw on the right side of the screen like scratch paper and fill in answers by tapping the bubbles on the left side of the screen — just like the real thing, minus the number two pencils.

For every question, there’s an audio snippet that explains how to find the answer, along with a handwritten solution. Users can also set score goals and get free, personalized reports on their strengths and weaknesses, but not without coughing up an e-mail address and joining Princeton Review’s mailing list. Users can also enter a phone number and get a free consultation from an adviser.

Obviously, the goal for Princeton Review is to enroll students in its SAT test preparation classes, which are offered in 41 states. The app itself only has 15 questions in each category, so users won’t be able to do any hardcore studying on the app alone. That’s too bad, because although there are lots of SAT training apps available for the iPad, a big brand like Princeton Review could probably clean up with a paid app loaded with sample questions.

(via Digital Trends)